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Multi-day and Day trips available. Discover the beauty, wonder, and culture of our home, Hawai'i.

American Southwest

Multi-day and Day trips available. Immerse yourself in the inspiring red rock landscapes and stand in awe of the gravity defying arches of the Southwest.

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We believe in all-inclusive tours and luxury with no hidden fees. Customers should know before they embark on a journey precisely what they are paying for so that they can relax and enjoy their adventure.


Inspire individuals to travel and appreciate other cultures.


Our Values:

INTEGRITY – Doing what you say you will do and doing what is right.

CARING – Demonstrating awareness and consideration for the well-being of others.

EXCELLENCE – Always delivering superior results.

TEAM WORK– Collaborating across teams, functions, businesses, and borders to provide the best work. Meet our team.

SAFETY – Creating an atmosphere where there is a conscious presence of safe practice wherever we travel.

Commitment to Value and Luxury

Providing our guests with superior value has always been, and will forever remain, at the core of our company. That is why all of our trips include expertly-guided sightseeing, unique experiences you won’t find on other tours, and food that reflects authentic regional flavors. Everywhere we go, we work to enhance your voyage. We find the most evocative luxury hotels, historic boutique properties, best safari camps, and secret local favorites.

Travelers often rave that our guides are the best! They hail from the lands you’ll visit and speak English quickly and casually. With their knowledge and passion they help connect you with the people, history, traditions, and natural wonders of their homelands.

Take your next journey with us and let us show you the world with our signature style and exceptional value. So dream big, and travel often with New Way Horizon Travel.