Who We Are?

Our story

New Way Horizon Travel began from the many adventures the founder has taken around the world; while working for the U.S. Military and Federal Government. After retiring, we established our tour and travel company. From our in-home business, New Way Horizon Travel has grown into a globe-spanning company for all walks of life. We have opened destinations previously inaccessible to visitors and established a new benchmark for experiential travel.
Today, we are one of many all-inclusive travel companies, with an unrivaled legacy of creating memorable, inspiring adventures on all seven continents. Our approach combines singular service, authentic local expertise, and beyond-the-guidebook insider access. All of which come together to create an experience of a lifetime, every time you travel with us.
NWHT partners with more than 40 local ohana projects that positively impact lives and livelihoods in the communities where our guests travel. Incomparable expertise and a passion for discovery let New Way Horizon Travel reveal every destination from a ‘true’ local perspective.

Our Mission

The New Way Difference:

Delivering outstanding personal service, uncompromising standards for quality, and a steadfast commitment to making the most of your vacation time… a brand promise we made back when we opened and not deviated from since.

Extraordinary Experiences

Often our guests talk about how powerful journeys are… and how fortunate they feel to have the opportunity to explore the world with us with exclusive access that makes them part of the culture they discover. They are pleased that our trips are seamless and inclusive with all the details you need so that you can enjoy those exceptional and exclusive moments only via New Way Horizon Travel.

Our Core Values

The best value for your money is to travel well. It doesn’t mean our guests are spending as little as possible, but you get the best for what you are paying. New Way Horizon trips are worth every penny. The exclusive experiences we provide, the great hotels, and the exemplary service will far exceeds your expectations with New Way.

Group Travel

One of the perks of traveling and a big part of the New Way Experience is to meet interesting similar-minded individuals who enjoy traveling as well. Our tour sizes are small, and many times, deep friendships are formed between guests on an adventure. Enjoy meeting others on your journey of discovering new places and people. Share in exclusive experiences and the little extra surprises. 

Individual or small Family Travel

One of the perks of traveling and a big part of the New Way Experience. Our tours started out as individual tours and we Continue this same service today. Share in exclusive experiences and the little extra surprises. 

Explore the Possibility

Explore the treasures of the world and discover people and cultures that you may not have known existed. Experience unforgettable moments that can be life-changing and simply extraordinary. We are here to make your dreams a reality. Let us help you create the vacation of a lifetime. 

“The noblest art is that of making others happy” 
― P.T. Barnum

“No one ever made a difference by being like everyone else.” 
― P.T. Barnum

“Be cautious and bold.” 
― P.T. Barnum


Tales From Our Tours


Our tour directors know your destinations like the back of their hands, together with our local experts and guides they deliver a once in a lifetime experience. Many satisfied guests commend our tour team as knowledgeable, caring professionals. They are problem solvers who handle all travel details smoothly–and take into account every moment of your holiday.


All-inclusive Tours and Travel

Providing the Highest quality of travel and tour services.

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