Frequently Asked Questions.

What is included when I book a tour or trip?

Everything is included in your price! This means that you get one flat rate. This saves you headache and money in the long run. If you are booking a day-tour, all activities, fees, taxes, and meals mentioned are included. If you are booking a multi-day tour, this includes your activities, fees, hotels, meals, snacks, and taxes. The ONLY time this changes is when you the customer change the tour and add to it. The only things that you pay for are souvenirs and alcohol. This is a New Way promise to you. 

How many people will be on my tour?

As a leader of the industry standards on guide to guest ratio.  Usually your tour will be considered semi-private to private.  Most multi-day tours average around four people.  This is a wonderful way to travel.  You get personalized service and your group can get more exclusive access to your destinations.  Hawaii day tours are on an average around 10 people per group for the day. 

Is there a price difference for children?

Yes. Most of the time, a child’s ticket is significantly less than an adult ticket. However, for safety, your child must have their own ticket. We do not allow a child to sit on an adult’s lap – ever. It is against the law and never safe for your keiki. (child) So when purchasing your ticket, please let us know if you need a car seat/booster. We will be more than happy to accommodate this.

There is a member of my family that is disabled, can they be accommodated?

We strive to ensure that every single member of your party has a great time.  Most of the time we will rearrange the tour so that much of the sights can be seen from a limited walking distance at least. If your party needs wheelchair assistance, we may require at least 3 – 4 days in advance to arrange this. We also have an item called the snorkel buddy. This helps those who have limited mobility enjoy some of the local bays for swimming and snorkeling. It is an added charge, but the snorkel buddy helps those who wouldn’t usually be able to enjoy the water. Call us and talk to us about the accommodations that your party may need. (844) 213-8555 ask for Jasmine. 

Do I have to go on the Keiki and Ice-Cream Tour with my child?

Every family of children must have one paying responsible adult to accompany them. For every 5 children one responsible adult. If the children are in that adult’s care, they must be signed waivers from the child’s parent or guardian. There are no exceptions to this. Every child under the age of 8 usually must be in a booster.    
The Teen Tours an adult does not need to go; however, every single minor under the age of 18 at the time of the tour must have written consent from a legal guardian.